A message from the President.

I have been an Isles resident for 6 years and a secretary for 5 years. As of the November 12th meeting the board was reorganized and I was elected President.

My overall goal is to make the Isles better for all members. I will work to ensure that all decisions made by the board are in the best interest of the members as well as consistent with our governing documents and state statutes.

One of my top priorities is to make sure that there is full communication between all board members and between the board and the members.

The following are my immediate goals:

1) Work hard to ensure that we are able to have an election this January (we have not  
    had one since 2015 due to quorum issues and last year because we did not have the
    required 5 election committee members.
2) Communication, communication, communication.
   a) Ensure that signs are posted at the entrances to our community announcing
       board/member meetings.
   b) Publish the, albeit, unapproved meeting minutes within a few days of each meeting
       (the most recent policy was to publish the minutes AFTER the next meeting. This
       caused the members to always have outdated information.
   c) With the assistance of our webmaster, start updating our website again
     so it will have valuable information on what is going on in our community and
     other valuable information.
  d) Minimize decisions made by the president or just one or two board members.
    Instead include all board members in decisions and they being made at board
3) Hire a competent office assistant to ensure consistency of board procedures.
4) Tightly control board meeting so they are more productive and shorter.

Future goals:

1) Review all costs that have been committed to and lower if possible.
2) Review the budget to see if an increase is warranted and justify to homeowners.
    a) If one is the members will be involved before one is approved.
3) Improvements to the website:
   a) Add a secured location for members.
   b) Modernize its look and feel.
   c) Add a blog so members can provide their thoughts about the community.


Ginette Heller,
President Isles of Tamarac HOA
Isles of Tamarac Background
The Isles of Tamarac is located in in Northwest Broward County on the west side of the City of Tamarac. It conisists of 284 single family homes, having mostly 2 and 3 bedrooms.

The neighborhood and its homes are well maintained as its clubhouse. It is a great place to live!


Isles photo on clubhouse small
Known  as Westwood Community Seven, it became the Isles of Tamarac HOA, Inc. in 1978. On June 15th, 1995 the development became a 55 and older community which is how it remains today.
Isles of Tamarac
10500 NW 70 Street
Tamarac, FL 33321

One of the Isles' Man-made Lakes

Isles Lake pana