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Due to the resergence of the Corona Virus (Delta Variant), the use of the clubhouse for the purpose of entertainment is prohibited untill further notice.

We take this very seriously and want to protect the safety of our homeowners, their families, and our community.

We truly appreciate and thank you for all your support and cooperation

Isles of Tamarac Board of Directors

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City of Tamarac Mayor's Update 9/1/21

From The Desk Of

Keith Hood



In keeping with the promise made for openness and transparency, I’d like to share with you some of our accomplishments and plans for further enhancements in our community, with homeowner satisfaction in mind. Some of the enhancements are not new and not unfamiliar, but a return of some of the niceties, which became neglected and curtailed in the past. This Board will work continuously and consciously to make our Isles of Tamarac become an Oasis.

Hard to believe, seventy-five percent of this year is already past. The ancient Roman poet, Virgil, coined a Latin phrase, “Tempus Fugit.” It translates to, “Time Flies.” We, in modern times, add something to that phrase: we say, “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.” However, as far as this year is concerned, continuing external circumstances not entirely within our control make this phrase a mixed bag.

Covid 19 has adversely affected our lives in one way or another.
Originally, the theme of this message was ‘A Summer of Hope;’ after what looked like endless limitations of social life, with little or no events to attend; it seemed that we would be able to hang-out at the movies and theaters and, looked forward to visiting friends and family, without having to use zoom; there are those among us who were hoping to be able to ‘smell the rain’ again.
However, after seeing Covid 19 on the decline Covid 19 cases started to increase causing CDC reversed itself July 27, 2021, its latest Guidance, is that even vaccinated people must, maintain Covid 19 protocols, because the Delta variant is more than 2 times as contagious.

Using reasonable and necessary caution, soon we will have a Sunday Morning breakfast – takeout instead of our annual sit-in BBQ.

Although we accomplished several important and worthwhile projects, from mitigating the flooding of our clubhouse parking lot, new commercial grade pool umbrellas, sealing the pool deck, upgrading the landscape at the main entrance to the clubhouse, to painting our community markers, there is more to be done. As we discussed before, there continues to be a variety of projects we aim to accomplish. Among them are:
§ An updated and complete phone directory (perhaps on our website with individual password access); §Updating our RED BOOK in sections and with your input; § Increase approved ADA Parking spaces, seal and stripe the Parking Lot; § Formation of an area with picnic benches south of the pool for the homeowners who would like to hangout by the pool, but not in the pool. § Creation of a PLAYBOOK for Elections that will be ready for the 2022 Elections - Let me mention that the 2021 Board will be setting a precedent by giving notices early, for potential candidates for the 2022 Board and recruiting Election Committee members.

It is worth repeating what I wrote in my first letter after the elections. I look forward to working with the Board and you, our homeowners. I ask for your participation, your encouragement, your ideas and your suggestions. The future we’re all striving for now, will bring out pleasant memories of the good accomplishments we achieved together. With mutual respect, integrity, and transparency, together we’ll be able to maintain a community we can enjoy and be proud of.

Please always remember, before we’re considered members of the current Board, we are first and foremost homeowners at the Isles of Tamarac, just like all other 275 families.

With Kindest Regards,



Keith Hood, President

Isles of Tamarac Homeowners Association

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                         Isles of Tamarac Background
                                          The Isles of Tamarac is located in in Northwest Broward County on the west side of the City of  
                                          Tamarac. It conisists of 284 single family homes, having mostly 2 and 3 bedrooms.

                                         The neighborhood and its homes are well maintained as its clubhouse. It is a great place to live!


Isles photo on clubhouse small
Known  as Westwood Community Seven, it became the Isles of Tamarac HOA, Inc. in 1978. On June 15th, 1995 the development became a 55 and older community which is how it remains today.
Isles of Tamarac
10500 NW 70 Street
Tamarac, FL 33321

One of the Isles' Man-made Lakes

Isles Lake pana